tronixkart Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

tronixkart ensures every effort to provide current and accurate information relating to products and prices, but does not guarantee the currency or accuracy of any such information. Information relating to change of product information is subject to change without prior notice. Prices are subject to change at anytime prior to change at any time prior to the tronixkart completion of order. All prices are in Indian Rupees.

If a Product you order is out of stock at time of order placement, you may choose to have it shipped on a subsequent shipment. Except as otherwise provided on the Site, additional shipping charges will apply to each shipment. Back-orders will be held based on your request.

  • In no event tronixkart is liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages of any nature, including, but not limited to, damages resulting from loss of profit or revenue, recall costs, claims for service interruptions or failure to supply downtime, testing, installation or removal costs, costs of substitute products, property damage, personal injury, death or legal expenses. Customer’s recovery from tronixkart for any claim shall not exceed the purchase price paid by Customer for the goods, irrespective of the nature of the claim, whether in warrant, contract or otherwise. Customers shall indemnify, defend and hold tronixkart harmless from any claims brought by any other party regarding products supplied by tronixkart.


  • tronixkart does not determine the specifications or conduct any performance or safety testing of any products that it sells. Specification sheets provided to Customers are produced by the manufacturer/supplier or transcribed from information provided by the manufacturer/supplier. Customer acknowledges that such use or sale is at Customer’s sole risk; Customer agrees that tronixkart and the manufacturer of the Products are not liable, in whole or in part, for any claim or damage arising from such use. Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold tronixkart and the manufacturer/ supplier of the products harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses,costs, expenses and liabilities arising out of or in connection with use or sale.


  • If statements or advice, technical or otherwise, are offered or given to Customer, such statements or advice will be deemed to be given as an accommodation to Customer and without charge. tronixkart shall have no responsibility or liability for the content or use of such statements or advice. tronixkart’s Technical support is provided through online or any other electronic medium and therefore, extremely limited in scope which prevents us from the direct participation in the design of any customer products. We do not conduct product suitability studies or engineering reviews of products that we sell, nor for the final product that a Customer produces.

tronixkart is an Online portal / Marketplace operating on ” Pay and Purchase” model; tronixkart does not entertain or extend credit to its customers. Purchases and payments can be made as per the instructions on website.

If an order includes software or other intellectual property, such software or other intellectual property is provided by tronixkart to Customer subject to the copyright and user license, the terms and conditions of which are set forth in the license agreement accompanying such software or other intellectual property. Nothing herein shall be construed to grant any rights or license to use any software or other intellectual property in any manner or for any purpose not expressly permitted by such license agreement. Unopened software may be returned for credit. Opened software may not be returned unless defective.

tronixkart will not be liable for delays in delivery or for failure to perform its obligations due to causes beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, product allocations, material shortages, labor disputes, transportation delays, unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, acts or omissions of other parties, acts or omissions of civil or military authorities, Government priorities, fires, strikes, floods, severe weather conditions, computer interruptions, terrorism, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, riots or war. tronixkart’s time for delivery or performance will be extended by the period of such delay or tronixkart may, at its option, cancel any order or remaining part thereof, without liability by giving notice to Customer.

Provided that Goods are in stock, tronixkart will use its reasonable endeavors to dispatch Goods within 3-4 days of date of order. No commitment is given in relation to delivery times achieved. The Company charges a delivery charge of 150 (Indian Rupees One Hundred & Fifty ) for orders below ₹2000 (Indian Rupees Two Thousand only). The spent amount shall not include GST or any other taxes or any discounts. tronixkart reserves the right to charge extra for delivery, packing and insurance in transit for all such Goods. Any such charge will be notified to the Customer at the time of placing of the order to which such charge applies. The Company will use reasonable endeavors to meet delivery and/or performance estimates but, except as set out in condition  below, in no circumstances shall it be liable to compensate the Customer for non-delivery, non-performance or late delivery or performance, even where it arises as a result of the negligence of the Company or its carriers. Time for delivery and/or performance shall not be of the essence. Delivery will be made to the address specified by the Customer. tronixkart may use any method of delivery available to it & reserves the right to deliver or perform by installments. Failure to meet a Scheduled Delivery or performance date shall not prevent or restrict tronixkart from making further deliveries or rendering subsequent performance under the relevant Contract by installment. Scheduled Deliveries can only be accepted for a maximum period of 3 (three) months from the date of order.