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Welcome to our Support page!

We have a small team of Technical & Order Fulfillment Assistants working virtually & from different centers, hence we do not provide telephonic assistance. However, providing you the required support is our utmost priority, we process all requests in the order that it is received.

Support team work from Monday to Friday. We are closed Saturday and Sunday. We find that email is the best form of contact as we can share the highest level of information and documentation this way.

When contacting Support please have & provide as much information as possible:

  • Order number & customer email
  • tronixkart part number (SKU) for the part in question
  • If you have powered the device, please share your voltage and current settings
  • If you have modified the item please share images of the modifications
  • Information on any additional parts that might be hooked up to your system
  • Any additional pertinent information that can help us help you

Please Note

While we are happy to help you as much as we can, Technical support is here to help suggest products to purchase and ensure that those products are working as expected.

We can not offer consultation services, design and layout assistance, or customizing code.

And dear students, we’re very sorry but you’re going to have to complete your homework on your own. If your questions are outside of the services that we can provide, we may direct you to a consultation resource for further assistance.

Send all your queries to

Preorders and Backorders

Preorders and backorders are essentially the same thing: a way to buy stuff that’s not in stock. The only difference is that preorders are items that have never been in stock, but will be soon. They’re both handled the same way.

Not all products can be backordered when they go out of stock. If an out of stock item can be backordered it will clearly display a “Backorder” button, otherwise it cannot be backordered by any means.

There are two types of backorders: Intentional and Accidental.

Intentional Backorders

This is when you, the customer, add an out-of-stock item to your cart by clicking the “Backorder” button. We do not ship until all the products back ordered are available & can be shipped.

You can request for a split shipping by writing to support but will have to pay additional shipping charges.


Accidental Backorders

This is when our website indicated that there was stock available for your order, but we were actually out.

We work very hard to keep our stock numbers accurate. This type of backorder is rare, but there are a variety of issues that can lead to inaccuracies. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will ship all in-stock items right away, with the backordered items shipping as soon as they are available. You will not be charged additional shipping. A second order number will be generated to accommodate the accidentally backordered items.

All orders are full-filled by aggregating & packing at out Bannerghatta Road Facility in Bengaluru. Local customers can pickup their orders if it less the free shipping value & save on shipping.

Location:    Elint Labz (Ajaramara Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.)  #200, 1st main, 6th cross, Arekere MICO layout 2nd stage, Bengaluru 560076

Orders can be picked-up between 2pm & 6pm on all working days. We will inform you as soon order is ready for pickup, you can drop-by at your convenience.

We currently do not ship beyond India, however international customer can certainly purchase, but will make required arrangements for shipping. International orders can be picked-up from the following location. We’ll inform as soon as orders are ready for pickup the customer must inform their shipment partner to pick-up & forward.

Location:    Elint Labz (Ajaramara Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.)  #200, 1st main, 6th cross, Arekere MICO layout 2nd stage, Bengaluru 560076